martedì 6 novembre 2018

Promises for winter season

Dear .:KosmO:. lovers <3
I have to take unexpected breaks which slow down my creating process as well as getting you quality items in a fashionable time. But I so miss creating on SL. I will be coming with a little make up collection for popular mesh heads for the winter. Please stay tuned. And feel free to comment which one is your current favourite mesh head brand.
Unfortunately, many brands changed their scripts inside the new heads, and some of my old appliers are not working properly on newer heads. I apology for this issue. It is something not in my power, mesh heads creators are free to change their scripts, I can not always buy new heads to check if my appliers still work, and I do not have time to convert old make ups into new scripting system. Please understand.
To be sure your new mesh head works with my make ups, check the release date of my creations. Items released in 2014 might not be compatible with heads released in 2018. Not my fault.
If you have some favourites, just hit me with comments or contact inworld. Maybe I have time to convert into the new heads!
Love xxx

mercoledì 7 giugno 2017

Teenager looks for Lelutka & Lelutka Bento!

Dear Lelutka lovers and Lelutka users!
.:KosmO:.´s most beloved item is now available for Lelutka 1.0 and Lelutka 2.0 mesh heads!
By purchasing Teenage Eyebrow Lelutka you get both applier version.

You can buy this item at our mainstore IW or using the link for MP.
.:KosmO:. Teenage Eyebrow - Lelutka 1.0 & 2.0

lunedì 13 febbraio 2017

Slow updates! But updating! ♡

It takes a very long time but I am trying to update make ups I made at the very beginning with applier for newer and popular heads. And also I am updating the packs with missing appliers. As you all know I have had a few RL issues that took time and didn´t allow me to complete all appliers while making new releases for events.
If your package had missing appliers, please stop by at the inworld store and make sure to ask our terminal for a redelivery.

Thank you very much.
In the meanwhile, shop for Lelutka, SLink and Omega updates on some of our TMP classics!

Link to the marketplace listing.

sabato 27 febbraio 2016

Hipsters call!

The HIPSTER FAIR opened on 22nd February with fabulous items from many designers, and from .:KosmO:.!
Here is your limo to the event.
And listed below all new releases by .:KosmO:.

Make Up.
Undereye shadows in 8 color shades.
Available for almost all mesh head brands on market!

Accessories Jewelry Rings.
100% original mesh set of rings, fitting most popular mesh bodies and hands.

Wearable ballons with instant posing.
8 common poses. 2 rares compatible with any AO.

All items are % OFF from their actual retail price once they land instore.

martedì 9 febbraio 2016

Thrift Shop 12. Discounted new releases and more surprises!

A couple of days ago the THRIFT SHOP by Depraved Nation Events started.
Sorry I am being pretty busy designing stuff for upcoming events and fairs I am partecipating in. So the blog post comes a bit late...but you all saw the notecard in the group for sure!

I am having amazing discounted prices on a selection of make up appliers and skins.
Some accessories (rings/bracelets) are also available 50% OFF.

And I have 3 new releases at a discounted price!

70% for this exclusive new line:

Tell your emotions with a text message under your eye!

50% OFF on make up lipsticks:

And yes, since the pack 02 of the Lovely Girl lipsticks I introduced appliers for Adam by Absolut Creations. So stay tunes for new amazing boys only or boys friendly make ups!

venerdì 22 gennaio 2016

Glittery and irresistible make up

I had these saved since Christmas. But unfortunately it is sooooooo time consuming having to set all different appliers for all the SL mesh head brands that I come always a lot later then when I originally do the designs.
But here I am and I hope you will enjoy my creations for the weekend.

.:KosmO:. All that Glitter - eyebrows set.
Please note, for those heads not having an etra eyebrows option layer, the eyebrows apply to the eyeshadow layer.

.:KosmO:. Dangerous Kiss lipstick set.
Applys as a lipstick layer on all heads.

Find them instore or on marketplace. <3

giovedì 14 gennaio 2016

Natural and soft. As skin should be.

And finally that time came.
Bettina is available in natural tones.
The tones are five in total, numbered as T01, T02, T03, T04 and T05. So it is easy to match with the body tones too. I tried to cover as many mesh heads brands as possible, thus a lot of brands now support the Omega System and I am including it as well! If you are using a mesh head that does not support Omega System and it is not included in my appliers, please let me know: I might have not seen that brand yet or haven´t found the kit to grab!

I am linking you to the DEMO so that you can check out how cute this lady in her natural tones is.

And I am then showing you all tones so that you see how it looks like.
The T01 is worn on Lelutka head (appliers for this brand are not available yet, I am sorry).

T02 is worn on the cheeky SLink Visage. Cute, isn´t it?

For T03, I am showing on the vendor a face by Genesis Lab, the lovely Emily.

T04 has attitude and a strong will, so I picked Angie by Genesis Lab.

Again SLink Visage interpreting T05 wonderfully.

Worn in each vendor is the black eyebrows option, hair from Magika and mesh eyes from Genesis Lab.